Complete auto repair shop located in Chantilly, Virginia. Everything from oil changes and check engine light diagnostics to heavy repairs.


Cold Weather Prep

  • Battery Test
  • Cooling System Flush
  • Tire Check and Rotation
  • 35pt Vehicle Inspection


Chantilly Auto Repair Service

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Free Fault Scan

  • Interrogate Fault Memory
  • Fault Code with Definition
  • Readiness Test Results
  • Stored and Pending Faults


Winter Specials!

​Winter Tire Special

  •  Perform Rotation
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Tread Life Check
  • Set Pressures

With competitive rates and the highest quality service, C.A.R.S. gives you the best value hands down!


Import & DOmestic auto Repair and Maintenance


We provide Dealer Level service with a personal touch and at a reasonable price. Our commitment is to the Value and quality of service we provide.


FREE Brake Check 

  • Check Pad/Shoe Life
  • Rotor Condition 
  • Fluid Condition 
  • Includes Road Test