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What is a timing belt:

The timing belt is one of the single most important maintenance items on your vehicle. The purpose of the timing belt is to keep the engine's camshafts and crankshaft rotating in sync with each other. The T-belt has teeth that are installed onto matching toothed sprockets on the cam and crank shafts. The teeth allow the belt to always keep the gears "timed" without slipping.

Timing Belt replacement at chantilly Auto Repair Service

What is a timing belt "service"?

During the replacement of the timing belt there are other important components to consider replacing at the same time. At C.A.R.S. we recommend complete timing belt services this includes the replacement of the water pump if driven by the timing belt as well as any pulleys and tensioning components. Also oil seals, thermostat and gaskets are replaced if needed.

There is generally a significant amount of labor involved in accessing and replacing the timing belt itself. It is a smart choice to not have to worry about repeating the labor if one of the related components fails later.

Why replace timing belts:

​Timing belts are replaced for maintenace at set mileage and time intervals. This is essential because the belt itself is constructed of rubber and fiber which starts to breakdown over time and usage. The life of a belt is variable depending on the type and conditions of usage. It is very important the belt is inspected or replaced at the times and mileage recommended by the manufacturer. If the belt breaks or skips there is high potential for internal engine damage on most engines.